Cover Letter Online Thinker Form

Please fill out the form below with as much information about the position/career/company/Job posting that you want reflected in your cover letter. We will also need you to attach the resume that you will be using with this cover letter, unless we are currently writing your resume for this cover letter.

Type of Cover Letters

  • Core Cover Letter – A cover letter to match the objective of your resume. You can use this cover letter and edit it for each job you apply to open positions.
  • Job Posting Specific – A cover letter that is written to directly target an open job posting you are applying. A professionally crafted cover letter to target a job opening can increase your odds of landing an interview.
  • The Cold Cover Letter – A cover letter that will write to target a specific company you desire to work for. In most cases this for a position that you’re not even sure the company has open. We discussed this topic on our Traditional Method of job searching.
  • Career Change – A cover letter that addresses your new career and helps highlight transferable skills and experience from you past/present career to your new career target.