The Job Application

As we keep reviewing with you, the interviewer’s first impression of you can significantly determine how the interview will proceed. Many people don’t put enough emphasis in the manner they complete their job application. Some are messy, illegible, incomplete and downright embarrassing. How you complete your job application can positively or negatively affect how the interviewer views you.

You need to approach your job application as the first assignment you’re asked to complete by your potential new boss. It’s a test and one where getting a passing grade is quite easy. There are some situations where you are asked to fill out an employment application online, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be asked to fill out another one before your interview. If you’re not competent to correctly complete a job application, the interviewer will doubt your ability to complete another task.

Print this Sample Employment Application – this is an example of an application you might be asked to complete before an interview is performed; the actual application that you will need to complete will be different, but most of the same information will be required. We suggest printing this sample application and complete it with all the information (leave your Social Security Number blank in case you misplace this application); make sure you take this completed sample application with you on interviews, so you have all the information with you when you need to fill out your new application. This will ensure you have all the detail information from your past employment and education at your fingertips.

Areas you are judged on when completing an employment application

Having your sample application and resume with you, will assist when completing your new employment application.

Following all these points will start the interview off on the right track.

  • Completeness – all information needs to be filled out, writing “see resume” on your application is not only unacceptable but shows laziness and lack of communication skills. After completing the application review all pages before handing it in to ensure nothing was missed, don’t have the interviewer ask you to achieve something during the interview.
  • Neatness – you need to write neatly to ensure all items are readable, illegible handwriting makes a bad impression and will start the interview off on the wrong foot.
  • Stays within the lines – simple as a coloring book, keep your handwriting within the provided spaces; this shows your control with details.
  • Speed – if you take an excessive amount of time to complete your application it can work against you. Having your sample application with you will speed up the process.
  • Consistency – dates and work history needs to match your resume if they are different be prepared to explain the discrepancies.
  • Honesty – don’t lie on your application, you’re signing the application for its truthfulness and accuracy. All employment dates, salary information, and education needs to be accurate. With today’s technology, it’s easy for companies to perform a detailed background check. It’s also common for a company to ask for a copy of a W-2 to verify salary. Using false information on an application can result in losing a job offer or employment if discovered later.
  • Pen – be prepared and bring a pen to the job interview, you should never have to ask to borrow a pen. We recommend blue ink to assist in noticing skipped information.
  • Resume – bring copies of your resume and give a copy with your application. Bring five copies in case there is a panel interview where several members interview you at the same time.
  • References – have a copy of your list of references and give a copy with your application.
  • Recommendations – if you have any letters of recommendations hand them in with your application.