Job Searching Today

Today there are so many different methods of finding listings of job openings; many of us yearn for the simplicity of the recent past. With today’s methods, there are so many doors that you can open if you are willing to put the time and effort in searching for these jobs. The more methods you participate in, the greater your odds are of landing more interviews, but some ways have a higher rate of success than others. Please take some time to review all the pages in this section to assist you in giving your job search more direction and better results.

Those who find the job listings can apply to them.

This statement is true for the open jobs that get posted; it is estimated that 60% of jobs never get advertised and are filled before they get to that stage.  This 60% is known as the hidden job market, read the other pages of this section to get an understanding of how to find this hidden job market.

Having a great resume is the first step to a job search, but you need to get your resume in front of those who will be doing the hiring to make it a successful search. This task will be one that you need to focus on daily especially if you’re unemployed and need a job yesterday. This should be part of your daily routine as we discussed on our page Routine to Stay Focus. We also recommend when you do come across a job posting or a lead for a possible position that you act on it right away, letting a day or two go by can leave you in the dust.

Most people today feel that all they need to do is get on the internet; fill out online applications, send out their resume and sit back and wait. Against common belief this is not the method with the highest success rate; by no means are we stating not to do this but there are other methods that also need your focus. Remember you don’t just want to find one job you want to get several job offers to give you more choices to advance yourself professionally.

Many people currently in the job market fall into a slump based on what they hear on the news and read in the papers about the current economic climate and unemployment rate. Do the math, if the unemployment rate is 9% that means that 91% are working; doesn’t mean they’re all happy in their jobs but they are working. There are jobs out there but searching for a job takes work, and if you’re not willing to do the work required, you probably don’t deserve it; this might sound harsh, but we want you to take a right aggressive approach to your job search.

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