Job Searching Online

In today’s job search using the internet is a needed tool, whether you’re using it for finding job listings, connecting to contacts, researching companies, applying for jobs online or emailing your cover letters and resumes. Not having access to the internet and World Wide Web will make your job search a challenging mission. If you’re in a situation of not owning a computer or having access to the high-speed internet, we suggest searching out family members, friends, local libraries, unemployment offices, colleges or schools for assistance in gaining access to the internet.

Many people fall in a false sense of security with their job search and the internet; they feel all they need to do is apply to a few online posted jobs, post their resume on a few sites and wait. When they don’t get the results they expected, they assume there is a lack of employment and blame it on the current economic situation. It is estimated that about 70% of jobs are filled, in the process of being filled or are canceled before being published or advertised. The internet is an excellent tool to locate the 30% of posted live job listings, but there are many more uses of the internet to help connect to the other 70% (the untapped job market, which we review in the other pages of this section).

Posting Your Resume Wisely

As we just mentioned, you shouldn’t just post your resume to a site like Monster and expect interviews to roll in; you need to aim your resume at targets that will reward you with an interview. Here are some guidelines for making good use of your time online.

    • Target websites of companies you are interested in, this works with the traditional method and the cold cover letter that we reviewed. Determine which companies to target, visit their sites, review the career section, and post your resume to their website if they have this option. Use the site to determine who to send your resume directly
    • Consider using regional job boards. To locate these sites use a search engine like Google then type your state or county followed by “Job Board” or “Jobs” (e.g., New York Job Board or Brooklyn Jobs) or try your local library’s website. These sites are more localized and might have jobs not posted on the more significant sites.
    • Explore niche (specialty) job websites; like for green jobs or for tech jobs. See our list below for some other suggested niche sites
    • Review professional association websites; they often post positions for their members. If you belong to any association make sure you visit their site.
    • There are sites like ResumeRabbit that let you post your resume on many different job-posting sites through one secure platform.

Finding Job Listings on The Internet

The internet is an excellent source when you’re searching for those advertised job listings, but according to experts, unless you’re in a high-demand field, this can be one of the least effective job search methods. We suggest to take part in this method but don’t put all your eggs in this one basket, the other techniques we review; Networking, Traditional, Recruiters and Career Fairs all need to have an active role in your job search.

Listed below are a few suggestions of the many websites to search job postings.
LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs via their LinkedIn profile. As of June 2019, there are 600 million professionals on LinkedIn, 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn, 89% of them filled a position using LinkedIn, and there are about 3 million active job postings for the USA on LinkedIn with 48% of them are exclusive to LinkedIn.
ZipRecruiter is a free career management resource that is designed to assist job seekers throughout the entire process. Job Seekers now know when the application has been received and viewed by the hiring manager. 100% mobile optimized, one click apply, let employers find job seekers, receive jobs you are interested in based on your job search behaviors.
Monster is one of the largest employment websites in the world. Monster is primarily used to help those seeking job openings that match their skills and location. It allows its users to apply to jobs directly through their site. It also enables job seekers to post their resumes for employers to view.
Resume-Library is America’s leading independent job site dedicated to helping candidates find their dream career and supporting recruiters in sourcing the right talent for their vacancies. You can search for jobs, register your resume, and set alerts for job postings.
This site aggregates job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages. Indeed allows job seekers to apply directly to jobs on their sites and also offers resume posting and storage.
Provides online career search services for more than 2,000 partners, including 140 newspapers and portal such as AOL and MSN.
A vertical search engine company with a simple approach to finding jobs based on your; keywords, location, and preferences. It has a clean and straight-forward approach and will link you to the job posting of each listing where posting originated.
Craigslist has received some bad press with some of its shadier listing sections, but it is a viable option for searching for job listings. Since posting jobs on Craigslist can be free or very low cost, you will find that many smaller companies use this service and many larger companies will use them for local openings. When you apply for a job on Craigslist, you will be replying directly to the person who posted the job listings.
Is a public-service employment website owned and managed by leading U.S. employers through membership in Direct Employee Association. Utilizes Direct-Employer’s employment search engine for linking employers with experienced personnel and the NACE-link (national recruiting system to link colleges, students, alumni, and employers).
Neuvoo is a free job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies’ career websites, placement agencies, and job boards. They centralize all jobs available on the web to help people find new career opportunities, so they are much like Google for jobs. They offer job searching for a wide range of countries. The website includes a free “take-home” pay calculator.

Niche/Specialty Websites

Below is a list of just some of the niche websites you might find helpful in your job search. They have job postings and information relevant to their industry.


American Mathematic Society –
Educational Institutes –
Higher Education Jobs –
Academic Professionals –
K-12 Jobs –
The New Teacher Project –

Accounting/Finance/Financial Services:

CFO Jobs –
Financial Jobs –
Financial Services –
Accounting Jobs –
Accounting Network –
American Banker Online –
Financial Jobs –
Institute of Internal Auditors –
Bank Jobs –
Financial Job Network –
Mortgage Jobs –
Underwriting Jobs –
Mortgage Job Board –
Robert Half –
Title Board –
IT Wall Street –

Actors and Entertainment Professionals:

Actors –

Advertising/Sales/Marketing & PR:

Advertising Age Job Bank –
Adweek Online –
Mktg/Sales/Advertising –
Marketing & Sales Job Page –
Retail Job Net –
Sales –
Advertising & PR –
Public Relations –
Public Relations Society of America –
Creative Staffing –


Art Jobs –
Art Jobs –
Artisan Talent –


Aerospace –
Aerospace Jobs –
Aviation Jobs –
Pilot Jobs –

Broadcasting, News Media & Publishing:

TV Photographers –
Broadcasting –
Corporation for Public Broadcasting –
Media – Television Industry –
Book jobs –
Media –
Scripps –
Minonline –


Construction Jobs –
Only Construction Jobs –


Engineering Jobs –
Engineer Jobs –
IEEE – USA Job Listing Service –
Arthitect/Engineer/Contractor Workforce –


Environmental – Career World Construction –
Environmental Jobs –


6 Figure Jobs –
Executive Jobs in Non-Profits –
Executives – Blue Steps –
Executive Classifieds –
Vice President Jobs –
Non-Profit Exec Jobs –
Headhunters –


Women’s Wear Daily –
Fashion Careers –
Style Careers –

Film/Television/Theatrical Production:

Mandy –
Media-match –
Trevanna –
Entertainment Careers –
Film Jobs –
Production –
Playbill –
Crewspace –
Creative Jobs –


Freelancer’s Union  –

Government (Federal & State):

Federal Jobs –
State Jobs –
Public Service Jobs –
National Park Service –

Graphic Design:

Media Bistro –
Coroflot –
Behance –
99Designs –
Creative Hotlist –

Green Jobs:

Green Jobs –
Grist –
Green Dream Jobs –
Renewable Energy Business Network –
EcoEmploy –
Environmental Career Opportunities –
Environmental Career –

Health & Medicine:

Health Opportunities  –
Hospital Careers –
Health Careers –
Nursing Jobs –
Healthcare Jobs –
Medical Jobs –
Physicians & Healthcare Jobs  –
Physicians Employment –
Healthcare Jobs-
Health Jobs –
Health Jobs –
Medical Jobs –
Physician Jobs –
Travel Nursing –
All 50 Medical –
National Institute of Health –
American Medical Association-

HealthCare IT:

American Medical Informatics Association –
Information and Management Systems Society –

Hi-Tech & Computers:

Computer Jobs –
Java Jobs Online –
Tech Jobs –
Programmer Jobs –
Internet Careers –
IT World –
Recruiting Jobs –
IT and Tech Jobs –
Every Cloud –


Working@Home –
Home Job Digest –


Start Chefs –
Food Service –
Food Service –
Casino Careers –
Hospitality Jobs –
Hospitality –
Hotel Jobs –
Resort Jobs –
Job Application Online

Human Resources:

Society for HR Management –
Education-Benefits-Compensation –
HR Jobs –
Human Resources Jobs –
HR Hub –
Jobs for HR –
Human Resources Job Store –
HR Opportunities –
Recruiter Job Seek –
Recruiters Jobs –
Professional Assoc of Compensation & Benefits –
Benefits Link –
PenJerDel Employee –

Freelance & Independent Contractors:

Freelancers  –


Insurance Jobs –
Insurance Careers –
Underwriting Jobs –
National Assoc of Ins Commissioners –
National Underwriter Company –

Law Enforcement:

The Blue Line –
Police & Law Enforcement –
Security Jobs –


Law Employment Center –
Lawyer Net –


Non-Profit Jobs –
Executive Non-Profit –
Opportunity NOCs –
Idealist –

Part-Time/Seasonal Jobs:

Snag-a-Job –
Cool Jobs –

Pharmaceutical Jobs:

Pharmaceutical Jobs –
Pharm –

Real Estate:

Real Estate Jobs –
Real Estate Careers –
Property Managers –
Select Leaders –


Jobs for people over 50 –
Goodwill –


Jobs in Science-
Lab Jobs –
American Chemical Society-
Bio Space Jobs –
Society of Petroleum Engineers –

Social Work & Services:

Social Service Jobs –

Sports & Recreation:

Coaching Jobs –
Jobs in Sports –


Fiber Optics Online –
Telecom Engineers-
Wireless Networks –

Transportation & Travel:

Logistics Careers –
Truck Drivers –
Trucking Jobs –
Trucking Jobs –
Trucking –
Travel Industry Jobs –