The Importance of Staying Fit during your Job Search

One note if you decide to change or start any fitness or nutrition plan, consult with your physician first.
Staying fit is something we should all strive for, and during a job search, it plays an even more critical role. We are not a nutrition or fitness website or experts, but we felt it was important to discuss this topic on our site since many people going through a job search or career change forget about their physical well-being during the process.

Staying Fit while Unemployed

People who have had a full schedule while being employed and now when unemployed face a challenge of adjusting to a new routine; we discuss this topic in our page Routine to Stay Focus. When you don’t have a structured workday or routine, you can find yourself moving less and eating more, which can be a combination that can put on extra pounds making you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Then you add the frustration of a job search, and it can leave you feeling gloomy, and depression can set it. All of this can work against you during this challenging time. We all have heard the better you feel on the inside, the better you will shine on the outside, which can only help during the interview process. Feeling good, looking good, having energy and keeping a clear mind will benefit you during your job search.

No Excuses

Many people who have a hectic work schedule always had the excuse they were too busy to stay on fitness and nutrition program or to take it to the level they truly desired. Well if you’re unemployed you have the time to make this a big focus while you’re searching for a job and when you find a job you should still keep it going. We recommend doing a workout program in the morning, so you are sure you get to it, but if you already have a set time that can still work then keep it.

While Employed but Looking for a New Job

It is just as important to keep fit when you are still employed but looking to switch to a new job or career; you will be adding a new list of tasks to perform and squeezing them into your already busy schedule. This can add extra stress and run you down; staying fit will help keep your energy levels up and stay focused.

Benefits of an Exercise Program

There are many ways of maintaining an exercise program. If you belong to a gym and can still afford a membership we suggest keeping it and go every day, it will give you a place to escape that will benefit you. If you can’t afford a gym there are many exercise programs you can do at home or even better get out for a walk, run, hike or a bike ride every day; you can also try yoga, tai chi or Pilates. There are websites like, that are free and help you track your progress; Daily Mile even has a vast community network where you can meet other people and share workouts. Zoey Miller provides some great insight on some of the top running apps in her post five absolute best running apps.

  • Exercise can help to keep your energy levels up so you can tackle more during the day
  • Being unemployed is stressful, exercise can help reduce stress levels
  • Networking and connecting with people especially at the gym can result in job leads (try keeping your headphones off to listen and engage in conversations)
  • Exercise can keep you looking and feeling good which will help out in interviews by building self-confidence
  • Exercise can help keep you motivated in other areas of your life
  • Searching for a job can be a long process, setting and meeting exercise/fitness goals will give you a sense of achievement during your search
  • Exercise can also help to keep a clear mind which will increase your concentration levels