Resume Services

At Career Thinker, our mission is to help you achieve success in your job/career search. We provide a wide range of resume services that will shed light on your path as you rise above all the rest with compelling career documents that market’s you to your future employers as their best candidate for their organization. We also provide valuable information and advice through every page of our website that will help you increase your odds of landing more interviews and ultimately to more job offers.

Will a professionally written resume make a difference?

Many people question the need of having professionals write their career documents (resume, cover letter, Linkedin profile, thank you letter) and don’t see the need to invest any time or money on updating these documents. Well, by all means, we supply enough information and advice on our site to guide you through this process, but as you can see, there is a lot more to it than most people think. There are many aspects of the process to take into consideration when crafting well-written career documents that give you a voice when read. As CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writers), we have the experience, knowledge, and techniques to put it all together in a format that sells you at your best. When you look at the overall cost of our services you should see it as an investment well spent. You need to remember you don’t want to get one job offer you want to get as many as possible with the companies you desire and if you are after one particular company that you want to work for, you only get one shot at impressing them. The more job offers that you get, the more choices you have at landing a dream job with a deserved salary and not settling on just one offer.

The right resume can start you at the right salary.

Another note to remember when you have outstanding written career documents that show employers your true value it can lead to higher starting salaries. Almost every company has a salary range for every position they hire for if you can show them your actual value with your career documents and your interview it can get you hired at the high end of their salary range, which can easily be 10%, 15% or even more depending on the position. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see how spending a little now will pay off with every paycheck for a long time forward.

We provide draft copies for all of our writing services for your review to ensure you’re satisfied before we send you the final document, this allows you to make any changes and suggestions, so you are comfortable with what we have crafted. With our resume writing services, we have a 60-day Resume to Interview Guarantee. Please read Career Thinker’s Terms and Conditions and Our Guarantees for full details.

Time is money, so don’t waste it.

You know the saying “Time is Money” and having professionally crafted career documents can also help get you to your dream job quicker. If you’re unemployed you can’t afford to get off on the wrong foot, every week you’re not working is lost income. In most cases, less than one week’s salary can provide you with all of the following; professionally written resume, cover letter, resume business cards, and a professional written Linkedin profile. After this initial investment, every week that these services get you back to work sooner is all income profit. Remember the job market is still very aggressive and will be for years to come; so you need to be more aggressive in every action you take at landing the job you desire and deserve.