Other Powerful Writing Services

At Career Thinker we genuinely want you to find your dream job/career so you can be as passionate about what you do every workday as we are about what we do. Landing a career or position of your choice, or getting back to work after finding yourself thrown into a job search is an essential part of your life. Think about it, the average USA employee spends about 2,600 hours a year at their jobs, so while you’re searching for a new one make sure you do everything possible to make it count and find the right one. As you will hear us repeatedly state; a job search is not about getting a job offer you settle on, it’s all about getting the right job offer with a company you desire to team up with and at a salary you deserve.

We offer others services that work hand-in-hand with your professionally crafted resume to assist in making your job/career search the most successful it can be. Again all of these services build a first impression of you before the job interview you; how powerful is it to have the ability to shape that first impression positively,

Take some time to review other services we provide and see which ones fit with your needs so you can rise above the rest with compelling career documents.

Cover Letter Writing Service – If you think you don’t need a cover letter, you are unfortunately mistaken. A cover letter is still in style and is still much valued. A well-written cover letter will add personality to the resume and give your resume a clear direction for your candidacy for the position it is targeting.

Resume Business Cards – Not only is it unpractical but can be inappropriate to always hand out your resume to contacts and people you meet during your day-to-day activities. Having in your wallet or back pocket your resume business card that highlights your career/job search and to be able to hand it out at any time in a heartbeat is priceless. It is professional, unobtrusive and will be well received; in most cases, results with the receiver sharing their business card with you, which will help build your network of contacts.

Extra Targeted Resume – Everyone should have a core resume that you can change and tweak as you apply to companies within the same industry for the same type of positions. As you broaden your search to include other career changes, companies outside your core industry and positions that your experience doesn’t clearly define; you need to have other targeted resumes. We can take the resume we crafted for you and give it a whole new voice and direction to accommodate different directions you are searching. We can also make a powerful resume based on a specific company you are targeting.

Linkedin Profile (Writing) – If you have not included Linkedin in your job search, you are doing your search an injustice. Linkedin has become a very recognized and powerful method of networking in the professional world. How you craft/write/style your Linkedin profile is just as important as your resume. We will write and post a compelling profile that will have a voice to get you noticed.