2nd Targeted Resume

You have already invested in YOU with your purchase of a professional resume from Career Thinker, but you also have aspirations to search out other career options and target more opportunities that are different from your current resume target. At Career Thinker, we offer an additional writing service for those who have already purchased a resume from us and now need a 2nd targeted resume. We can create a 2nd targeted resume whether you’re targeting a; different job position, diverse industry, different career path, or you need a resume targeting a specific company.

The key is optimizing as many keywords, phrases, power verbs, and transferable skills that are relevant to your new target. It is essential that you maintain the integrity of your resume, as you never want to be in a situation where you need to lie or mislead your potential employer. Please note that the overall appearance may or may not look the same depending on which format fits your situation.

Different Job Position Target

We will take your current Career Thinker resume and re-craft it to target another position you are seeking within your career path; i.e., if you are an Operations Manager for a retail Company and a Store Manager position, is available which you want to apply. We will take relevant aspects of your knowledge, work experience, accomplishments, education, and make the highlights of your new resume to emphasize your candidacy for the job.

Different Industry Target

A prevalent situation where you like and enjoy your current position, but you dislike the industry. Maybe you don’t like the hours, travel, career potential, daily grind, or even working conditions. For example; you’re currently a real-estate agent, you love to sell, but you dislike the need to be available seven days a week and late nights, and you decide that you want to target sales in the pharmaceutical industry. At Career Thinker, we will re-craft your resume and take as many aspects of your current and experience, to make them the focal point to match the requirements of your new industry target.

Different Career Path

You currently have an established career history, but you also have a desire to seek out a career on a different path. The more the difference between the two career paths, the more of a challenge it is to convince the reader of your resume that you’re a fit for their team. At Career Thinker, our team of creative writers will collaborate with you to ensure that we list as many transferable skills and experiences that fit with your new career description.

Different Company Target

You are not changing your career, industry, or position but have a desire to work for a specific company. You can be answering a job listing or sending a resume directly to a referral within a company. As in all resumes, you need to optimize keywords, phrases, and power verbs for the position; but with a company targeted resume you also need to incorporate the company within your resume and cover letter. At Career Thinker we will research the company to get an understanding of their culture, philosophy, values, and mission so we can choose the best keywords and phrases to effectively market you to the company and not just the needs of the position.

2nd Targeted Resume (with prior resume purchase only) $249.00

What You Receive

  1. A professional crafted designed for your 2nd target
  2. Resume in MS Word Format which is standard
  3. Resume in PDF Format at no extra charge
  4. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How It Works

  1. Make your purchase
  2. Send us your current resume during checkout or we can look it up for you
  3. Fill out our “Target Thinker” form that will be emailed following the checkout process
  4. Within 1 business day after you send back your “Target Thinker” form, a resume writer that fits your needs will be assigned to your project and will arrange a phone consultation. During this one-on-one consultation, the writer and you will collaborate, so the best results are achieved. (Consultation can last up to 30 minutes)
  5. 2-4 business days after your consultation, you will receive a draft of your new resume for approval.