Resume Networking Business Card

Adding as many tools to a job search will make it a successful one and create more job offers to give you a competitive edge. Remember when you are searching for a new job or career, it is a marketing campaign and YOU are being marketed. Having a resume business card is just another brilliant way to sell you and your job search. It is not always appropriate or even comfortable to casually hand someone your resume, especially in a social environment, but it’s never awkward to offer a business card and is very common.

Having resume networking cards with you to handout when you unexpectedly run into someone during your daily activities, outside the workplace or at any social event is a perfect tool to increase your networking leads. Resume business cards can be handed out to family, friends, coworkers, and ex-coworkers, which can also increase your networking power. Resume business cards have been used for many years, but many don’t understand the value they bring to your job search by converting impromptu opportunities into business contacts.

Take your cards on interviews, impress your interviewers when you hand them your card when they give theirs to you; show you’re innovated, your desire for the position and add that extra touch with a lasting impression.

Before you start handing out your resume business cards, make sure you have all other job search documents complete and ready; resume, cover letter, reference list and that you are prepared with your interviewing skills and interview attire. A resume business card gives the message you’re a go-getter, so you better be ready to go.

Your card can contain a combination of the following depending on what you want to share.

  • Your contact information
  • Your LinkedIn URL address 
  • Professional Branding headline
  • QR Code if you have one
  • Job title
  • Highlighted skills
  • Recent job history
  • Education

2 Sided 2×3.5 Resume Business Card Design $160.00

What you will receive

  • Professional Resume Business Card design reflecting your resume and job search in PDF & Jpeg file.
  • Printing of the cards will be your responsibility.

How It Works

  • Make your purchase
  • Send us your current resume during checkout or email it to
  • Within one business day, a certified writer that fits your needs will be assigned to your project and will arrange a phone consultation. During this one-on-one consultation, the resume writer and you will collaborate, so the best results are achieved.
  • 4-6 business days after your consultation you will receive a draft of your new resume business card for your approval
  • Two business days after you send in your approval you will receive an Adobe PDF & JPEG file of your card so you can use the print service of your choice.