Resume Facelift.

Do you already have a resume that you have written or someone else wrote for you, but it just doesn’t have that right style and flow about it? You’re happy with its content and message but not with the right layout and flair; our Resume Facelift can be the right fix to take your resume to the next level. Remember your resume only gets 10-30 seconds to make the 1st impression with the reader to hold their interest so they continue to review it.

Our teams of Resume Facelift Specialist have the tools and knowledge to perform a Facelift on your resume to give it that current and relevant appearance, so the eyes of the reader don’t wander to other resumes. We hate to say this but your resume needs to look great as well as be great. We will match your target industry with the best layout and style that will get it noticed. There is very little recovery time from this procedure and your resume will be networking in no time.

Please note this is not a service where we re-write any section/s of your resume. Our face lift is meant to give your resume a new look/style and we also provide you with a converted Plain-text/ASCII format, which is greatly needed with applying online.

In our experience, many resumes do need a re-write to properly get your career message and history across to the hiring managers so you get a call for an interview. If you are not sure if you need a resume facelift or a one of our writing services feel free to email your resume to us at and we will reply with our suggestions.

Resume Facelift $119.00

What you will receive


  • Your resume with a new look to get the attention that will lead to more interviews
  • Resume in MS Word Format which is standard
  • Resume in PDF Format at no extra charge
  • Resume in ASCII/Plain-text Format at no extra charge
  • Our 60 Day Resume to Interview Guarantee
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How It Works

  • Make your purchase
  • Send us your current resume during checkout or email it to us at
  • Within one business day a Resume Facelift Specialist that fits your needs will be assigned to your project and will arrange a phone consultation. During this one-on-one consultation the writer and you will collaborate together so the best results are achieved
  • Within 2 Business days after your consultation you will receive a draft of your new resume for approval

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