2ndTarget Resume OnlineThinker Form

If you have purchased a 2nd Target Resume, we have previously crafted you a resume and you now need an additional resume with a new target.  Please complete this form with as much information on your new target for your 2nd target resume. The more detail information you can provide the more we can aim at your new target.

  • If your new target is a new position/job title with in the same career/industry please provide as much detailed information on key factors for this new target
  • If your target is for a new career or new industry please provide as much detail for this target, including title for the position of your target
  • If your new target is for a specific company please provide detail information for your target company
  • If your target is specific for a job posting please provide the link and/or paste a copy of the job posting

At the top of this form please attach the previous resume we crafted for you. Let us know if you are unable to locate the previous resume and we will search out database.

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